David: I’m sorry—Kathryn: What are you doing?—David: I was trying to kiss you on your forehead, it was meant to be sweet.—Kathryn: Thank you. It’s good to see you.—David: Kathryn, I’m sorry, i’m sorry i lied to you, i’m sorry i cheated on you, i’m just, i’m sorry for all of this.—Kathryn: David it’s okay, you know what we had, it wasn’t it for you, maybe for both of us. I can’t blame you for just being the first one to see it—David: You are a… Kind of Amazing—Kathryn: Yeah i am, now come on get out of here so i can get some rest.—David: I’m gonna give you that kiss on the forehead now—Kathryn: Knock yourself out. [x]